Izolation vs. IsoDry

Izolation System

The newly released Izolation is a dental isolation product that aims to rival Isolite System’s successful IsoDry.  Stay tuned for a full product review (video, photos, etc.).  The following are just my preliminary thoughts.

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IsoDry System


Izolation Advantages

1. Mouthpieces are cheaper.  $1.28 – $1.52 per mouthpiece compared to $2.00 – $2.50 for Isolite mouthpieces.

2. It’s easily portable.  Suction hose is simply inserted into your existing HVE valve.  Technically, you could uninstall the IsoDry between patients, but you wouldn’t want to do that.  It’s a PITA! 


Izolation Disadvantages 

1.  No suction behind the bite block.  Isolite mouthpieces evacuate any saliva buildup that may accumulate behind the bite block.

2. Only one mouthpiece size (adult) is currently offered with plans to create a pedo size in the near future.  This means you have to trim the mouthpieces in some cases.  Some may not mind doing this, but personally, I would rather not.  Isolite offers 6 mouthpiece sizes (pedo, small, small DV, medium, medium DV, and large).  DV stands for Deep Vestibule.



1. Both systems cost about the same…maybe.  The IsoDry system retails for $795.  The Izolation retails for $395, but you will need more than one to ensure you have one available while others are being sterilized.  Having 2 is the absolute minimum, but I think 3 or 4 is probably more realistic.  $395 x 2 = $790.  $395 x 3 = $1,185.  $395 x 4 = $1580.

2. Both mouthpieces retract the tongue and cheek in a very similar way.


Neutral Differences

1. Isolite’s disposable mouthpiece includes the cheek retractor, tongue retractor, and bite block.  Izolation’s disposable mouthpiece only includes the cheek retractor and tongue retractor.  The bite block and central connector are autoclavable.





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