Dental Suction Mirror – Product Review

The dental suction mirror is autoclavable and retails for about $36

Overall Rating = 4.3 out of 5

Performance = 4

Quality = 4

Value = 5

Ease of Use = 4


1. Suctions very well around posterior molars.

2. Overall quality is very good.

3. Autoclavable.  No need to buy disposables.

4.  Very good indirect vision with simultaneous suction when working on the most posterior upper molars.


1. Does not work well with anterior teeth.  Too much saliva/water gets past it.  A secondary or different evacuation source is needed when working on anterior teeth.

2. The standard saliva ejector will not be available unless the dental suction mirror is attached to something else like the Blue Boa  Stay tuned for a full review on the Blue Boa.

Separates for easy cleaning.

Do I recommend this product?


The four holes on the back of the mirror enable this product to suction very well.


To purchase (no longer available here):

Purchase here:

Or here:

3 thoughts on “Dental Suction Mirror – Product Review

  1. WE are manufacturer of this product and successfully export Suction Mirrors in JAPAN if there is any body who need that instrument we can send you in all over the world.

    Please Email us for price and more information about this product.

    Saqib Shabbir

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